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MA-1120 / 1240

Mixer Amplifier with USB/Tuner/Bluetooth

MA-1120/1240 is an user-friendly mixer amplifier that suitable to apply in small places which need Background Music System. It supports MP3, FM Tuner and Bluetooth functions and the user can simply control it through a remote control. Its simple design and structure make it easy to be used with.


  • With USB/ Tuner/ Bluetooth module and digital screen to display current music from USB

  • Suitable for small scale application for paging and BGM

  • Remote control over USB/ Tuner/ Bluetooth

  • 1 EMC input, 2 AUX input, 4 MIC input with individual volume control

  • Channel priority: M1C1 > EMC > MIC2, MIC3, AUX1, AUX2

  • MIC1-4, balanced input, build-in 48V phantom power​

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