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MT-Series Power Amplifier

The MT-1201 power amplifier is designed to maximize reliability. The ability to response to a wide frequency make it suitable for various scenarios. Additionally, it has low THD level and high S/N ratio makes the MT-1201 versatile in professional sound industry.

With thermal cut-off and circuit breaker, the MT-1201 is relied upon during critical situation for its endurance and long-lasting performance. It is also outfitted with a limiter to protect and ensure the sound reproduction system stay at an acceptable level at all times. With an emphasis on power-saving function, this unit only consumes 0.1A under a no-load condition. The MT-1201 performs best when installed in entertainment outlet, stadium, cinema and other large places of large gathering.


  • Thermal cut-off and circuit breaker to protect amplifiers against over-current

  • Specially designed filter to minimize low frequencies which are harmful to speakers

  • Low power consumption

  • Robust design and can withstand the extreme condition touring

  • Patented outlook design and CE certified

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