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The MXC-4+4MKII mixer is designed to support a smooth interconnection with external recorder in a PA system. With 6 MIC inputs, 4 auxiliary inputs and 1 REC output, this unit has everything a system requires. To promote a higher usability of application, the MXC-4+4MKII incorporates the +48V Switch Select phantom-power configuration, which caters up to 4 balanced XLR MIC inputs and a priority microphone broadcast.


Built to cater various application, the MXC-4+4MKII is user-friendly and highly adaptive to difference types of deployments. Features such as individual microphone gain with bass and treble control provides ease of control and flexibility.


With a ubiquitous black metal finish, the physical unit boosts a strong practical design, giving users a taste of durability and understated style.


  • Individual gain controls for MIC

  • Master volume control

  • Four-way audio source selection

  • Power level indicator

  • Priority microphone broadcasting

  • Bass and treble tone controls

  • 24V DC back-up power supply interface

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