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Digital Paging Console

The PMC-010 is a one-stop solution in transforming your working space into a powerful setting for all your important points of communication. With features such as number input keys and LED display, this unit understands your need and it does its best to fulfil them through its array of reliable physical and software components. Designed to work together with the ZS-9810, 1 unit of PMC-010 is able to call up to 300 zones when it is connected to 30 paging selectors.

The PMC-010 can be connected up to 16 unit using the RJ45 ports. Additionally each unit can be placed at difference place up to a total of 1km distance. With remote control capabilities, it eliminates any proximity barrier and free up the space in your working centre, fostering a clean, organized and uncluttered working environment.


  • Capacity of managing 30 paging selector

  • Maximum remote control distance of up to 1km

  • Microphone volume control

  • RCA line input and output

  • Built-in chime and chime volume control

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