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FLEPCHER is an innovative pro-sound system focusing on the manufacturing and the distribution of full range rack-mounted public address system and speakers. Founded in Australia in the year of 2005, FLEPCHER provides a comprehensive product range covering multiple product categories to a wide spectrum of end-users including professionals, corporation and amateurs, as well as for public and commercial applications. Throughout the years, FLEPCHER continued to expand and diversify to satisfy every audio and musical amplification need.

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To maximize the quality and consistency of the products manufactured, powerful computer-controlled audio test and high performance measurement system are used to create amplitude, frequency, THD+N, noise, phase, crosstalk, band pass, and IMD measurements for analog or digital audio devices. Plus, the deployment of detailed analysis of individual harmonic distortion can ensures a stringent quality to all of the products.

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The team of skilled workers meticulously builds and checks every component of the products to avoid any defects and deficiency. This ensures every product to be assembled with maximum care in every detail in order to be delivered as a perfect, state-of the-art product. Besides that, the audio team is constantly providing top-notch support services to customers in terms of acoustic design matters and systems demonstration.

In addition, the R&D product development team and manufacturing line always work closely together to develop and design innovative and functional products to match customers' requirement worldwide. The sales and marketing team are consistently providing distinguished public address system to wholesalers, commercial groups, system integrator for colleges and school, supermarkets, skyscraper, meeting rooms, hospitals, subway stations, airport, factories and train stations to meet the high-end background music, voice message fire alarm and zone paging requirements.

These specified and high end requirements are the motivation to make progresses and perfecting the FLEPCHER professional public address and pro-sound system. With superior technology and innovation, we are full of confidence that this perpetual improvement will greatly help us to satisfy the level of many different customers' needs.

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