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Automatic Changeover Unit

The ACU-9061 Automatic Changeover Unit provides monitoring and surveillance functions for your power amplifier units. It monitors for faults and implements automatic changeover capability to backup up to 6 amplifier units. This unit ensures a continuous and uninterrupted broadcast of BGM or emergency message in a PA system.

Changeover is performed at both input and output sections, making it suitable for application in a matrix system. At any one time, only a failed duty unit shall be replaced by a standby amplifier to avoid overloading. When it is cascaded, the ACU-9061’s applications could be expanded to cover more than 6 amplifiers at one go. To foster a more reliable changeover process, a microcontroller based signal processor is used to implement individual input source and output detection for amplifiers.

If two amplifiers failed at one time, changeover will be implemented for the unit with the higher priority.


  • Cater for 6 duty amplifiers and 1 standby amplifier

  • High sensitivity and accurate fault detection function, less than 2 seconds for changeover time

  •  Expandable for 1 standby to cater more than 6 duty amplifiers

  • 6-channel audio source volume controls

  • Built-in microcomputer detection system to realize auto amplifier fault changeover

  • Overloading protection by allowing only a single take over

  • LED indicator and switchable buzzer interface for fault alert

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