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HS-15 /

Aluminium Horn Speaker

The Flepcher’s HS-15 and HS-5001 are designed specifically as a versatile horn speaker. Being able to response to frequencies from 380Hz all the way to 6.5kHz, it is highly appropriate for various installation be it indoor or outdoor. In addition, with SPL of 106dB to 109dB, it is highly effective for PA announcement being able to throw sound further without distorting the sound. Built with high quality aluminium material and certified IP 66 rating, it is designed to perform even in harsh weather. Its swivel bracket allow users to install these speakers on ceiling and walls. The 6.5 inch speaker runs on 15W and 30W to meet different applications. The glass reinforced plastics material and an IP 65 rating makes sure that the speaker is able to withstand harsh weather and impacts.

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