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IP Emergency Terminal

The professional integrated intercom terminal is suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. It can be used for one-key alarm and one-key help intercom with the call center and the duty room.


  • One-key alarm and One-key help intercom with the control room.

  • Comes with sound pressure alarm function, when the detected volume consistently exceeds the defined sound pressure range, the preset program, automatically triggers an alarm on the designated terminal, pop-up prompts on the software interface, synchronous email sending, etc.

  • Integrated high-sensitivity microphone with a large pickup area and effective noise cancellation.

  • 2 short-circuit outputs, 2 short-circuit inputs, flexible customized functions; can execute the short-circuit acquisition, alarm triggering, local media library music playback, message and email sending, and pop-up prompt functions; can execute the electronic lock, fire control, monitoring, and other linkage applications of the third-party hardware and the platform.

IP-ET3004 User Manual
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