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IP Main Server

The loud platform voice broadcasting system software is installed on the IP network digital broadcasting server, which serves as the broadcasting system's command and control center. In order to control the complete broadcast system in real time, it was installed in the main control room. B/S platform operating system architecture, which supports LAN and WAN transmission (cross-network segment, cross-route), and can be installed anywhere in the network, is compatible with any operating system and any web browser for remote access; The server, which serves as the brain of the system, manages up to 300 terminal devices and can handle up to 150 sets of independent real-time activities. It also supports the operation of each audio terminal. With the functions of terminal management, user management, programme playback management, audio file management, recording storage, internal communication scheduling, and so forth, it is in charge of managing audio stream transmission and responding to audio terminal playback requests and audio full-duplex exchange; To provide planned playing and immediate on-demand media services for all audio, manage the programme library's resources.


  • Featuring the cloud platform voice broadcasting system software to manage the entire broadcast system in real-time.

  • Support LAN & WAN network and allow any browser and any operating system for remote access to log in.

  • Able to manage up to 300 terminal devices and supports up to 150 sets of different real-time tasks.

  • Support audio terminal full-duplex real-time two-way call, one-key help, one-key broadcast, one-key monitoring, conference mode, simultaneous dialing and other call modes, support time policy and transfer policy customization settings, support call time limit hang up, mute, automatically hang up, meeting waiting time customization function.

IP-MS3000 User Manual
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