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IP Paging Microphone

The main control room, duty room, or leadership office are where the professional desktop intercom microphone is most frequently utilized. It may be used for intercom, monitoring, and corporate paging and more.


  • Full touch screen control as it comes with 8-inch capacitive touch screen.

  • Real-time display of status information such as Program broadcast, two-way intercom, timed broadcast, equipment operation, IP address, MAC address, and other; a button is supported to stop the program broadcast.

  • Graphical volume adjustment interface to adjust the volume of network programs, local MIC, and local AUX.

  • Support for voice reporting, lighting, text, and other prompts, one-key answering, one-key monitoring, hands-free calls, and the function to record missed call details.

  • 2 short-circuit outputs, 2 short-circuit inputs; support flexible short-circuit triggering customized task function.

IP-PMC3100 User Manual
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