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IP Network Adaptor

The network adaptor is mainly use to connect with the analog PA power amplifier. It was installed in low voltage rooms or equipment rooms in each broadcast management area. These rooms are mostly used for programme presentation and local broadcasting in halls, outdoor spaces, and other outdoor places.


  • Able to connect analog power amplifiers for local broadcasting and program display.

  • Comes with 4.3-inch LCD screen in TFT colour, 21 industrial metal buttons, graphical volume adjustment interface for the volume of network programs, local MICs and local AUX.

  • Integrated USB and Micro SD (TF) card interface, 2 independent audio output channels.

  • Supports remote hardware updating of the terminal, multiple user's witching login and customize the using priority of user function.

  • Real-time display the status information on program broadcasting, two-way intercom, regular broadcasting, equipment operating, IP address, MAC address etc, and can be one-key stop programming task.

IP-ZA3001 User Manual
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