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6-Zone Mixer Amplifier with Bluetooth/MP3/FM Tuner

A powerful mixer amplifier that provides 6 zones of output channels. It supports USB, SD, FM Tuner and Bluetooth for MP3 player function. In addition, the MIC recording function was provided and there has individual treble, bass and volume control for each MIC and line inputs.


  • MP3 decoder module supports USB / SD / Bluetooth / FM radio function with remote controller and MIC recording function.

  • Comes with 4 channel mic input, 2-channel line input with individual volume, base and treble control.

  • 6 zones speaker outputs with individual volume control function.

  • Built-in alarm function provides activation to all 6 zones by overriding the BGM.

  • Input priorities: EMC > Siren trigger > Chime trigger > MIC1 > MIC2, MIC 3, MIC4, AUX1, AUX 2

  • MIC1 to MIC 4 built in 48V phantom power

  • Built in DC 24V power supply

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