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MT-PRO 300/

MT-PRO Series Power Amplifier

One of the latest in Flepcher’s product, the MT Pro Series 300/500/700/1000 is built with versatility in mind. These
professional power amplifiers comes in different power rating suitable for all kind of installation. Its 2U design allows the amplifier to equip up to 4 fans providing a stable ventilation system. Its minimized design allows it to be installed in budgeted system without reducing the quality of the sound system. Its good quality-price ratio allows it to be installed in various venues such as lounge, café, stadium, cinema and conference halls.


  • Professional audio & video presentations sound system

  • Suitable for outdoor application and theatre places

  • Fixed installation system

  • LED indicators

  • Short circuit protection, high temperature protection, current inrush protection

  • DC protection, Turn-on/off protection

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