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360/500 BMKIII

Power Amplifier

The new PA Series undergo a technology facelift that is designed to outwit their predecessors in terms of performance and usability. The new models are well designed, better in quality and more powerful. All MKIII model now only required 2U in system racks saving space for other applications. The PA Series is the answer to today’s complex and demanding public address specifications. It is built to be rugged to provide years of reliable service to users. It can deliver clean audio power ranging from 120W to 500W depending on the application needed.

The unit is a cut above the rest with reliable good quality parts like toroidal transformers, extensive heat sinking and forced fan cooling all incorporated to ensure the unit is running at a constant, efficient pace. Reliability is further reinforced with protective circuits against short-circuits, clipping and over-heating.


  • 100V / 70V constant voltage outputs with 4ohms speaker outputs

  • 4ohms constant resistance outputs

  • Reliable protection against overload, short circuits and power fluctuation for optimum reliability

  • Intelligent limiter

  • Heat sinks and fan to protect against overheating

  • Rubber pads and oblong mounting holes for easy installation

  • Support DC 24V Power Supply

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