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Power Sequencer

The PS-9800MKII offers the most convenient solution in synchronizing the power level of more than one power supply. The PS-9800MKII deals with maintaining and balancing the amount of power before entering each PA system units. The PS-9800MKII stops large in-rush currents that can affect the system integrity and performance, boosting the lifespan of most PA system equipment.

Upon enabling PS-9800MKII, the 8 output sockets will be sequentially switched ON from channel 1 to 8, permitting the connected power supplies to run only after their individual grace time ends, and vice versa when it is shut down by a push of a switch.


  • 8 channel outputs with maximum of AC220V (10A) per channel

  • 8 LED indicators for ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ status

  • The full capacity of power socket gets 6KVA

  • 1 input interface with 24V fire signal and 1 signal output triggered by fire short circuit emergency

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