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SW-Series Subwoofer Unit

The Flepcher SW-Series Subwoofer Unit can offer a highly-efficient acoustic enhancement that provides the needed edge to lift your sound reproduction system to the next level. As a needed enhancement to your pro-sound system, the SW-Series works to improve the low-frequency response, stretching the system’s response to as low as 35Hz. Powerful and constructed with acoustically superior material, this series puts forward two models namely: the SW-18 and SW-218 that offers endless possibilities to your acoustic system.


  • Constructed with high quality low-frequency driver, and sports a 100 mm voice coil

  • An enclosure made of 18 mm plywood provides extra durability and sound performance for this unit

  • Equipped with protection circuit that ensures the frequency driver is safely protected against excess power

  • This unit is shielded from physical damage, thanks to its 18 gauge perforated, steel grill

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