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12-Channel Zone Selector

The ZS-1012 comes with a built-in 12 zone selector which can be expanded and deployed for functions that reach up to a total of 96 zones, with a convenient ALL CALLS and ALL OFF function to provide activation for all the zones on the unit.

The ZS-1012 can switch on/off manually through pressing the zone buttons on front panel, and the zones also can be controlled by the zones button on the panel of digital paging console PMC-1001, and the control mode adopts 485 signal control.


  • 8 channel outputs with maximum of AC220V (10A) per channel

  • 8 LED indicators for ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ status

  • The full capacity of power socket gets 6KVA

  • 1 input interface with 24V fire signal and 1 signal output triggered by fire short circuit emergency

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