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Automatic Battery Charger

The BC-11􀀖 is designed to assure that the PA system batteries are always charged to avoid unforeseen circumstances. It works seamlessly with most of the standard systems available today. They come with 24V DC current regulated battery charger with 1A capacity with advanced switching power technology, suitable for charging batteries of up to 10 Ah.

Charging current and voltage will varied under the charging process depending on different battery capacities. To keep with the fast-pace applications, 3 charging-stage modes are implemented to ensure the SLA battery is fully charged in a less time-consuming way. Current rate will also be reduced suitably over charging time.


  • 24V automatic battery charger with switching power technology

  • Automatic charging with changeable DC voltage for 24V DC battery bank

  • Digital voltmeter and ammeter display

  • LED indicator for charging status

  • Built-in fan for heat dissipation


BC-115 User Manual
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