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Digital Paging Console

The PMC-1001 12-Zone Remote Paging Microphone is designed to work hand-in-glove with Zone Selector (ZS-1002) to build a platform of unified applications for emergency notification and remote paging. To maximize utilization, both built-in chime and override notification can be found in this paging console.

The PMC-1001 can be connected to 8 unit using the RJ45 ports. Additionally, each unit can be placed at difference place up to 200m distance.


  • Control distance between PMC-1001 and ZS-1002 is up to 500m

  • Up to 8 units PMC-1001 can be cascaded

  • Using RJ45 Port to transfer audio signal

  • Each PMC-1001 can control up to 8 units of ZS-1002

  • 12-zone switches control with LED indicator

  • Condenser gooseneck microphone adorned with illuminated ring

PMC-1001 User Manual
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