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Portable Multimedia Speaker

Flepcher’s PPA-1250 is convenient and versatile as users can carry and move the unit with ease. Built to be an all-rounder multimedia speaker, the back panel consist of a SD/MMC card reader and a USB port that allows user to plug and play without much configuration. In addition, it has the basic panels such as volume, EQ panel and microphone volume panels that are user friendly. Comes with microphone priority system, which reduces the surrounding audio while maintaining the microphone volume for better sound clarity. This unit has a total of 5 input slots for 1 wired mic, 2 wireless mic, 1 Aux in and 1 Aux Out.


  • Support USB, SD/MMC Card

  • Support MP3 music for outstanding
    acoustic quality

  • 5+1 Channel EQ with capabilities to adjust treble & bass frequency

  • Comes with 2 wireless microphone

  • Vivid display screen

  • Comes with a remote control

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