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10-Channel Uninterrupted Zone Selector

The ZS-9810 comes with a built-in 10 zone selector which can be expanded and deployed for functions that reach up to a total of 300 zones. This unit ensures that even with paging duty in one zone, users can rest assured that unnecessary interruption in other sectors of the building is not disrupted. This means paging in certain zones will not interrupt BGM at other zones if not selected. Connection wise, the ZS-9810 boosts two flexible amplifier connections, one for BGM while the other amplifier for EMC / Paging usage.


  • The power capacity for one zone is 500W, making it 5000W for all 10 zones.

  • 10 zone speaker output terminals.

  • Volume control over Mic 1-2

  • All zone alarm in (A/B 2 channels) and all zone alarm output (A/B 2 channels).

  • Microphone 1-2 inputs, line 1-2 inputs, audio output.

  • 3 levels of input priority from high to low: EMC, Microphone 1, remote paging console (Equivalent priority to built-in chime).

  • Indicators for Zone 1-10 selector, music/paging switch and all-zone selector.

  • 2 RJ45 communication ports for cascading purposes

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