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12-Channel Zone Selector

The ZS-9812 MKII Zone Selector allows the selection of up to 12 individual zones, with a convenient ALL CALLS function to provide activation for all the zones on the unit. When paging microphone is activated, the paging console will dictate the selection of active zones in accordance to the settings. Similarly, once paging console is deactivated, the bypassed zones shall revert back to the previous setting, providing both order and convenience to the users.

The ZS-9812 MKII fits aptly into application that goes beyond the intended 12 zones. Configuration of the active zones can be done either manually through front panel switches, or remotely via negative triggering method. When remote paging microphone is in use, the zone selector switches on the unit will be temporarily deactivated, muting the BGM along the way.


  • An ALL CALL button for simultaneous activation of all zones

  • A priority triggering port feature for connection to handheld emergency paging microphone

  • Priority relay to override DC signal

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