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CD/MP3 Player with Tuner

A necessary addition to your everyday PA system, the CD-930 allows the replay of music or recoding from Compact Disc and Mp3 files for broadcasting in public or closed venues. It features input system such as USB, SD and CD in the front panel. A perfect one-stop unit, the CD-930 is designed to receive AM and FM frequencies as well, with memory for 99 bands.

For installation, this unit can be easily stacked on a flat surface or be mounted conveniently on a rack. Florescent screen displays are dedicated to display information in English for both CD/Mp3 and Tuner.


  • Built-in CD player, Mp3 player, tuner & remote control

  • USB & SD inputs at the front panel for Mp3 player

  • AM/FM tuner with memory of 99 bands each

  • One CD/MP3 stereo output and one Tuner stereo output

  • Two florescent screens to display CD/MP3 and tuner information separately in English

  • Eject, Play, Stop, Play Mode, Prev, Next, USB/SD & Mute buttons for CD/MP3 player

  • AM/FM, ST/MON, MEO, Auto/Manual, Up and Down Cursor & 1-6 number buttons for Tuner

  • 1U height and both tabletop & rack mount type

  • Remote control over music selection and volume control​

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