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Emergency Paging Microphone Panel

The new EP-9062 is design perfectly for emergency situations. Users such as fireman are able to make announcement
to all zones connected to the PA system. It is equipped with a built-in siren, message recorder & handheld microphone. Additionally, the handheld microphone has the highest priority over BGM & normal paging. The EP-9062 has an advance Paging Microphone Automatic Activation (PMAA) which functions to automatically send short-circuit signals to activate ALL CALL at zone selector once the handheld microphone is used. Siren/Rec messages can be triggered manually or automatically by incoming alarm signal.


  • “Fire” LED display panel with flashing indicator

  • 50 seconds message recording

  • Short circuit to activate ALL CALL at zone selector

  • Built-in siren

  • Volume control for handheld mic and recording mic

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