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12 Channels Monitor Panel

Designed with efficiency and effectiveness in mind, the MP-9012 monitor panel enhances your audio monitoring system with its capabilities of monitoring up to 12 amplifier zones. Its slick 1U design provides an easy installation and comes with a 1W speaker which reproduces sound with clarity. System monitoring can be performed effectively with the 12 channel LED indicators and 5 segment LED level meter on the monitor panel.

The MP-9012 runs seamlessly with the amplifier changeover unit ensuring a smooth operation with minimal faultiness. Suitable to calibrate the amplifiers’ sound output level in your system.


  • Ability to monitor up to 12 amplifier outputs

  • 12 LED Channel Indicators and 5-segment LED level meter for visual monitoring

  • 12 inputs for 70/100V line amplifier outputs

  • Audio monitoring with volume control

  • Can be used as a tool to calibrate sound output level for each amplifier

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